Top 4 Pet Toxicities of July 4

daschund dressed up for fourth of july

Keep pets safe from the four most common toxic exposures of the summer holiday!


They’re pretty to look at and fun to set off. But some pets will eat anything – including fireworks. Pets may also get too close to fireworks being set off or get scared by the loud noise and run away. If you are going to have your pet with you keep her on a leash and watch her carefully. And she should always have a collar with tags and a microchip in case she runs off.


Can you name the most common foods that cause problems in pets? They’re grapes/raisins, onion/garlic, chocolate, avocados, any food with xylitol, moldy or raw food, macadamia nuts. Be safe and stick with dog treats instead of people food at summer picnics.

Lawn Products

We all want our yards to look nice, but pet exposure to lawn products is a common problem. Keep pets safe with these 4 tips:

  • Keep pets out of areas where any products are being applied
  • Make sure you follow all instructions for the product
  • Keep pets inside until products are dry or no longer prominent – if you’re not sure how long that takes, wait 24 hours
  • Make sure your pet has access to water so he doesn’t go seeking it in the wrong places

Pool chemicals

Pool Chemicals can include chlorine tablets, muriatic acid and brominating tablets. When pets get into products directly or breathe fumes from them there can be problems. Mix chemicals safely and keep pets indoors until products have diluted appropriately in the pool or spa. And always keep a close watch on your pet around a swimming pool!

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