Allergy Treatments

Some days it seems like you step outside into a thick cloud of pollen, ragweed, or even worse, mold. Hello, seasonal allergies! 

Thankfully humans have remedies that let us enjoy the outdoors without itchy eyes and inflamed sinuses. But what about your pet?

If you notice your pet is scratching themselves, sneezing more than normal, licking their paws, or shedding worse than before, they too could be suffering from seasonal allergies.

Pet seasonal allergy symptoms to look for

Dogs and cats show similar allergy symptoms as humans, yet they experience them most through their skin. Excessive scratching likely means itchy, irritated skin. Here are a few more symptoms to watch out for: 

  • Scratching and biting their coat or skin
  • Red, inflamed, or infected skin
  • Excessive shedding
  • Compulsive paw licking in dogs
  • Boot scoots or licking their anal glands
  • Chronic ear infections or red, waxy ears (common for dogs who are prone to ear problems in the first place)
  • Respiratory issues, such as difficulty breathing, coughing, or wheezing (more common in cats)

How we can help soothe seasonal pet allergies

Like humans, there’s no cure for your pet’s seasonal allergies. But that doesn’t mean they have to suffer.

Allergy Medication

Allergy treatment should be tailored to each individua, and one does not suit all, as the cause of allergy could be completely different in each case. In general, a dog or cat can have an allergy to food, environment, and both. Our doctors are trained to find the proper approach to help with the allergy treatment for your pet. Similar to human dermatology, it is hard to reach total treatment, but our goal is to control allergies in your pets and make them as comfortable as possible. No matter what method works best for you, we hope your pet is back to wanting extra belly scratches for pleasure — not allergy relief — in no time!



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