At Vellore Village Pet Hospital we perform skin allergy test (IntraDermal Test), and serum allergy test and prepare individualized immunotherapy for allergy (allergy vaccination).

  • Is your pet constantly scratching and itching?
  • Do their ears become malodorous and have secretion on them?

Pets can have allergies just like people do. At Vellore Village Pet Hospital, we offer pet dermatology services to test your pet for allergies, fleas, ticks, and other critters to keep your pet looking and feeling their best.

Infection on paw before treatment

Infection on paw before treatment

The paw after dermatological therapy

The paw after dermatological therapy

Dog and cat skin disorders

Pet skin disorders are among the most common health problems. Skin disorders in dogs and cats have many causes, and many of the common pet skin disorders that afflict people have a counterpart in dogs and cats.

The condition of pet’s skin and coat can also be an important indicator of pet’s general health.

Skin disorders of dogs and cats vary from acute, self-limiting problems to chronic or long-lasting problems requiring life-time treatment.

Guiness skin treatment



Dog and cat skin disorders may be grouped into categories according to the causes:

  • Immune-mediated skin disorders
  • Infectious skin diseases
  • Pet flea allergy dermatitis
  • Hereditary and developmental pet skin diseases
  • Cutaneous manifestations of pet internal diseases

To schedule a pet dermatology appointment at Vellore pet hospital, please call our pet hospital using the number below.
We can help you determine a schedule for your pet vaccination. Please call: 905-303-0322.